Weaving with Spanish Threads: an Immigrant's Tale (revised 2020)

"[A] 'must-see' for any serious student of immigration, plantation life, and the nature of historical storytelling."
Prof. John P. Rosa, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

A case study of immigration (especially from Europe), and the history of Hawai'i and California in the early 20th century. This one hour documentary divides easily into three sections (emigration, Hawai'i and California), allowing time to focus on each topic separately. The narrative is bound together by its star, 98-year old Francisco PĂ©rez. His stories are supplemented by interviews with adult children of Spanish immigrants, as well as photographs, maps and the like.

Primarily unskilled country folk, these Spaniards mostly lived and worked on Hawai'i's plantations and later, in the farming country of central California. The documentary touches on subjects such as the language barrier, working conditions, the creation of community in the New World, and some of the other peoples these immigrants encountered (Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Puerto Ricans and others).

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The Artist in Society: Talking with Hershell West (revised 2020)

...compelling documentary...[about] a heroic community figure....T. Keogh for Video Librarian

...[provides] an enriched sense of why public art matters. Paul N. Straghalis (Adult Library Asst., Albany Public Library, Albany, CA, USA)

This 50-minute documentary looks at San Francisco Bay Area artist/muralist Hershell West to discover his art and the ways in which artists contribute to society. Adding special interest is the fact that West, a black man, was born and raised in the segregated rural South.

West has worked primarily in Florida and California as a muralist, painter, arts promoter and art teacher, painting commissioned work and teaching at-risk youth. In addition, in California he has worked as chief assistant to well-known muralist John Wehrle. West has also served on several arts commissions, chaired the board of directors of organizations such as the Richmond Art Center and ProArts of Oakland, and helped found an annual exhibit called TAOLB (The Art of Living Black - now called The Art of the African Diaspora).

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